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Why Choose us?

Myrsa helps businesses, service providers, entrepreneurs, retailers, brands, event managers or start-ups to find the temporary space they need to test, sell, serve and grow.

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How it Works

Search a Space

Search through the available spaces according to the location, timing, pricing, etc. to find the perfect space for your brand. Myrsa has a variety of locations to suit all your needs.

Send an Enquiry

When you find the space of your choice, send enquiries to them. They will respond and take it further. You can check the status of all send and received requests in your dashboard, the one place for managing the entire process.

Collaborate and grow

Once your enquiry gets the response you’re all set to go! By the time this deal closes, Myrsa will have added new spaces! Keep checking for the best locations every day! Gear up you’re at Myrsa!


Who can be a Myrsa brand?

Explore and see how by leveraging Myrsa spaces you can expand your business growth!!

Trusted By Over 4000+ Users

Here is what people say about Myrsa


I have booked the Myrsa spaces for my new food truck business. It was really a very prime location which helped my business to grow.

Nikhil Bhoir

Myrsa is a great platform for businesses, retailers, entrepreneurs, and event managers to grow their business.

Sachin Chhadwa

After using Myrsa I understood that it is a one-stop-shop solution for all kinds of spaces that businesses need for business growth.

Varsha Pawar